Hi <#C02RUV27S3V|questions>, I have a question reg...
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Hi #questions, I have a question regarding distinct ID in server-side events and super props. 1. distinctID - When I signed in to my website, I sent an event '$identify' with the device ID and userID i generated. When I send another server-side event with additional props of: $device_id same as generated before $user_id same also I can't see the distinct id on the Mixpanel project events page. I can see the distinct ID only for the '$identify' event. I think it's because I'm not overriding the device ID that is generating (on the web I see something else). Has anyone else faced issues with something like this? 2. superProps - is it also support server-side events? because I can't find registerSuperPropertiesOnce or something like this.