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🎤 Calling for hall support 🎤 Hey there, I am new at MixPanel ways and I am thinking how to set up trackers for analysing flight search usage and I am struggling a bit. 😢 ⬇️ Things I want to know: ⬇️ 1. Amount of results per search (ex. 100, 0, 4) 2. Filter usage (ex. seats 10%, flight type 20%) 3. Individual filter value (ex. seats: 1 seat - 11%, 2 seats - 50%) 4. Flight card clicked a. Order (ex. 1st card) b. Page (ex. 1st page) 5. Most searched cities (ex. London) 6. What filters are combined? (ex. price + seats) (optional) ⬇️ Events scheme we could set up: ⬇️Search Loaded ◦ Search Query: The user's search query or the specific city searched. ◦ Amount of Results: The number of results returned by the search. • Filter Applied ◦ Filter Type: The type of filter being interacted with (e.g., "Flight Type," "Amount Of Seats," "Departure dates," Aircraft Type," "Destination Airfields," "Price Maximum," "Departure Airfields"). ◦ Filter Value: The selected value within the filter (e.g., "1 seat," "2 seats," "plane," "helicopter," etc.). • Flight Card Clicked ◦ Order: The position of the flight card clicked (e.g., "1st card"). ◦ Page: The page number where the flight card was clicked (e.g., "1st page"). ⬇️ Things that I am concerned: ⬇️ • As we have live search on desktop that means two things: each click of filter would trigger the event or events and that will increase events usage and disrupt analysis. Ex. Selecting 2 seats means that I have to go from 0 to 1 and then from 1 to 2 as each time we refresh search and should trigger event (right?). So that means that 1 seat will have most "searches" even tho you would want to simply select 2 seats. • Not sure if "filters combined" can be analysed with this structure. Any ideas or suggestions?