Hi everyone, could someone help me with building a...
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Hi everyone, could someone help me with building a funnel? Szenario: 1. User enters a view → shown event fired 2. User can select an
→ offsiteType event with selected type as payload is sent. Could be sent multiple times, as the event is fired every time a new type is selected in the dropdown 3. User continues to thank you view → shown event fired I want to check if users, who selected a specific offsiteType (= the wished type) are continuing to the thank you view. To achieve this, I need to make sure that after selecting a wished type, the user doesn’t change it back to the un-wished offsiteType and then continues. I tried to exclude the event with the unwished type after step 2, but I still see users in the pipeline who selected the unwished type. What am I doing wrong?