Hi Mixpanel community :wave: Could you please hel...
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Hi Mixpanel community 👋 Could you please help me with one case > I'd like to create a cohort of users by domain names with a bulk upload. 1. I have a list of 2000 domains and I want to create a cohort with them to track which of the users (their company's users) sign up to the platform, and which of them not, and what was their behaviour 2. It's not like emails, because users can send an invite to their teammates, so I need to have a bigger picture for all companies that enjoyed a product 3. Currently, I'm using filter: Email, Contains and put each of the domains separately because didn't find any options on how to upload in bulk. And after 20 domains it started to be crazy with manual adding. Why domains, but not emails: imagine that user@domain1.com registered on a platform, but decided not to be an active user and invited colleagues with user2@domain1.com, user3@domain1.com, etc. Thank you in advance.