Hello Mixpanel Community :) I have a mobile applic...
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Hello Mixpanel Community :) I have a mobile application available on Google Play and AppStore. Users of the application can purchase a paid version on a subscription basis. How should I implement tracking so that transaction information is available in Mixpanel? As far as I understand, the transaction itself takes place on the app marketplaces. • Should transaction data be sent directly from the marketplaces to the Mixpanel server, or to the backend of the application and from there to Mixpanel? What is the best practice? • By providing transaction data, does the marketplace also provide the customer's email or another identifier that will allow us to connect the transaction with a specific user in Mixpanel? • Is there anything else I should know? Do you know any good sources of knowledge regarding this issue? Thank you in advace, Have a lovely weekend guys!🙂