Hello, it's really cool to see that Mixpanel launc...
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Hello, it's really cool to see that Mixpanel launched the Marketing Analytics product suite. I'm seeing lots of companies migrate from the frustrating GA4 to Mixpanel's gorgeous UX. Curious to know if there's a way to integrate Mixpanel with sites like Wix, Webflow, Framer etc? I do see JS and normal code - and while for several of our projects I have devs, I'm curious to know if marketers can manage this process on their own too?? Just like we were able to do with GA or GTM. For example, if I want to add Hotjar to my Wix personal site, I'd just go to the custom code section and paste in the code. How do I do that with Mixpanel? It's a bit unclear from the options available in the implementation page. Thank you!!