Hi, a specific question on merging MP projects: We...
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Hi, a specific question on merging MP projects: We currently have 2 Mixpanel projects, one receiving data from a Service Provider App, and the other from a Clients App for Clients booking services with the Service Providers. We are now merging both MP projects into one combined project. A new user profile property (user type: SP/CL) and new event property for each event sent (originator: SP/CL) will mark the user type (SP/CL) across profiles and events in the new merged MP project. My question: Would it be wise to also mark each event name (our events) with an initial SP… and CL… (like “SP registration finished”, “CL booking canceled”) for more transparent reports/ event handling by the name showing straight the event origin or for other reasons? (I got a hint to do this some time ago but I am not sure about it and cannot refer to that person anymore)