Who loves how they've instrumented their login pro...
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Who loves how they've instrumented their login process? My team made a mess and I'd like to clean it up right. We have different events for all the different ways users can log in, and no single event that makes it clear when they have finished logging in. I'd like to streamline so that we have a single "Login" event which only happens after our users have finished with SSO, MFA, whatever, and they are ready to use the application. Properties to indicate whatever type of login process they have completed. That's the easy part. How should I create events to track login failures? Should it be the same "Login" event with a failure indicated in a property? Or a "Login Failure" event with properties about where/how they failed? Clearly for my purposes, these would be identical. But I worry that by combining success and failure into a single event, it will make use of mixpanel by everyone else on my team less straightforward. What do you all think?
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