Hey all, I'm trying to setup Segment, <http://Cust...
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Hey all, I'm trying to setup Segment, Customer.io, and Mixpanel together such that Segment is the only tracking snippet. I have marketing emails that are being sent to users who have not yet signed up for an account, so no account ID. Once the user is signed up, I call
through segment's client with the account ID.
I have a Segment source sending email engagement events from Customer.io to Mixpanel to capture link clicks. These are using the users email on the marketing list as the distinct ID. Somehow, I need to merge the distinct ID from the customer.io events with the mixpanel events that occur post sign up. Any thoughts here? I've got it working on the Customer.io side but have been unable to get merge the IDs in mixpanel. I'm using a project with Simplified ID merge enabled, so I'm not sure how to use Alias/Merge here. I switched back to the original id merging, used alias, and now it works /shrug