Please help the issue: We have a user that trigger...
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Please help the issue: We have a user that triggered a series of events but in the funnel report, it's still measured as 0. Could you pls explain the underlying reasons for this discrepancy? Is there a specific timeframe during which we should expect the data to be reflected accurately in the funnel? ers. It's worth noting that we are utilizing Segment to transmit events to Mixpanel. • Which Mixpanel library you’re using - Segment integration => version - mixpanel (legacy) • Whether you are making any
calls or not => the event series including "Identify" after the user signed up. • If this is affecting all your events or just some of them => from what we can see on the funnel reports, we not having this issues all the time. • Any other information about the implementation work you’e done so far => I would like to highlight that these issues seem to have emerged around October 10, NZDT. It appears that we are either missing events or encountering issues in correctly associating these events with the respective users. and it's getting worse each day since