Hi everyone, I’ve been working on tracking the ti...
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Hi everyone, I’ve been working on tracking the time-to-design in our design tool using Mixpanel. I’ve set up a funnel to track all key events related to the design process, such as “Design-Created”, “Brief-Complete”, etc. To ensure that we only measure active user engagement, I’ve reduced the session timeout to 1 minute. However, it seems like Mixpanel is still counting the total time, including periods of inactivity (e.g., when a user walks away for a day). I was under the impression that setting a shorter session timeout would help in excluding long periods of inactivity from our time-to-design calculations. I’m pretty new to this, so I am probably missing something very basic in my setup? 🙂 How can I ensure that only the active time is counted in our time-to-design measurement? Any insights or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!