Hi Everyone, I'm trying to create an entire user ...
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Hi Everyone, I'm trying to create an entire user journey and also calculate the time it takes for a sales person to first time update the user's details and change it's one specific field since the time user first signed up from our CRM. The issue is, I've two different users here. One is the actual user who is coming to the platform where we identify him and send his "User Sign Up" event. The other Mixpanel user is the sales person using the CRM whom we first identify based on his login and then we send an event "User Details Updated" when he updates the field of his client ( The actual user on our marketplace ). One thing that I was planning to try was to use lookup tables but for that I'll have to upload first download data from one side and then upload the CSV. The issue with that I'll have to manually upload CSV every time I want to get an updated metrics. Is there any other way through which I can do this? Any insights or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!