Hello, I am using the mixpanel_flutter package for...
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Hello, I am using the mixpanel_flutter package for an Android app and event tracking is working fine, meaning that Mixpanel initialization is fine and mixpanel.track() calls are working fine (I can see my events in Mixpanel). However, I am not succeeding in adding user properties to the data. After initializing mixpanel, I call: mixpanel.identify(id); After that, I have tried both of the following approaches: mixpanel.getPeople().set(propertyName, propertyValue); mixpanel.registerSuperProperties({propertyName: propertyValue}); But no user property data is showing up in mixpanel -- not in the User Profile Properties box on the left of the "User Profile Activity Feed" page, not in the events themselves, and there are no "Users with Profiles" in the Users page. Please tell me what I need to do so that user properties are being recorded in Mixpanel. Thank you, Joel