Hi, We are in initial phase of mixpanel usage (we ...
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Hi, We are in initial phase of mixpanel usage (we are on air for 3-4 months) Altough we did a long cycle of thinking about our events infrastructure with the assistent of mixpanel experts I’m starting to feel that perhaps our event infrastructure is lacking… 😕 We decided to have 4 main events: 1. Interaction - for any user page views and actions 2. Transactions - this will be sent for any kind of transactions that we have in our platform 3. Subscription - this will be sent whenever user subscribe to any of our plans and packages 4. Self-service - this will be sent whenever user is doing self-service action in our platform as we increase our mixpanel implementation in our platforms we encounter many question specifically for the interaction event …because any product manager in his domain will want to gather additional property for his specific flow e.g. billing pm would like to that when user sees our unpaid inovices screen a propety will be sent that include the total amount of unpaid invoices and the number of unpaid invoices. his request is very much understood but this property is not relevant for other interaction events. is there a best practice here? is it ok to sent specific property for the same event in one scenario and different property for the same event in different scenario? Our development team would like to keep interaction event as simple as possible and just represent “view” without any properties but without these properties it wont give us real understanding of our product usage. Sorry for the long post……but i’m trying to find some guidance for my decision
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