Hello, I have a question regarding the latest Mixp...
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Hello, I have a question regarding the latest Mixpanel documentation, specifically related to the increment function in Node.js. I've followed the example provided https://docs.mixpanel.com/docs/tracking-methods/sdks/nodejs#incrementing-numeric-properties, but when I execute the code in Node.js, I encounter an error. Here's a snippet of the Node.js code:
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mixpanel.people.increment(userId, {'Pages Created': 1});
And the HTTP error response:
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  "error": "$add, requires numeric values",
  "status": 0
Node.js version: 18.12.0 mixpanel-browser version: 2.47.0 I ensured that I had correctly initialized the Mixpanel object and that I was using the correct project token. All other calls are working properly. I verified that the property I'm trying to increment exists and is a numeric property. I made sure the user ID exists in my Mixpanel project Any ideas on what might be causing this issue and how I can resolve it? Your insights would be greatly appreciated!