Hello, needed some help with trying out the funnel...
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Hello, needed some help with trying out the funnels feature. I am tracking the events solely on the backend. I am using golang and the official mixpanel lib. Before the user signs up, I generate on the fe an preid to track his events. Then after he signs up I create my on own id. From my project settings I am seeing that
This project is using the *simplified* ID Merge API.
. So to merge the events to the same user (anonymous and authenticated) I have to use the same $device_id. (steps: send event with preid and $device_id as preid => create identity with my id and $device_id as preid => send event with my id) This method is working out. I am seeing the events merged to the same user, but the funnels results are not showing this. When I add the $device_id to the second event, then it shows up. But if I add a third and not mention $device id, the same issue shows up. Am I doing something wrong? Do you guys have any suggestions? Thanks in advance.