Hello everyone :wave: I'm a bit stuck on how to m...
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Hello everyone 👋 I'm a bit stuck on how to measure something and would really appreciate some help here. Background: In our system, users create "items". • Starting to create it has one event (entering the flow). • Actually creating it has one event, with "quantity" as a property since they can create multiple at once (event based on database writing) • There are two methods when creating, they basically get an A or B route, and we have event's on both. The question: We want to measure "Average time per created item", and compare method A and B to learn which is faster. We've manage to build a funnel with the A and B step, so we get average time per journey and compare A with B, but we are not sure how to get the "quantity" part in to this. As an example: A users spends 1 minute in the flow, using flow A, creating 2 items. Then that would mean 30 sec average per item using flow A. Any advice is appreciated