Hi Community! Maybe some of you have tried the sam...
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Hi Community! Maybe some of you have tried the same thing as I'm trying to accomplish, and can give me some input. I'm using Mixpanel to track Article Read for a media publication. We want to utilize the data from Mixpanel in an app we are creating, where we will have a carousel of most read article the last day or week. We are thinking about querying a report through the API, and use that data to populate the carousel with articles. We are struggling with how we can limit the response in the api call to X number off items. As far as I can see there is no way for me to limit the number of items/articles in a report in either the GUI or API. I find this kind of strange, and are wondering if there is some obvious thing I'm missing, or if this is correct? I guess I can manipulate the response in a middleware after querying Mixpanel, but the less logic I need to create in the middle the better.