Hi Everyone! We send our information from app > se...
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Hi Everyone! We send our information from app > segment > mixpanel & databricks (datalake). I am comparing some visualizations for DAU and the user count is incorrect from what we get from segment in databricks to mixpanel. I pulled the users for a single day from mixpanel and I see that $last_seen shows days outside of the date I pulled. This is probably something else. Can anyone tell me how DAU is calculated to reconcile how we are doing it in databricks. As for us it as simple as a query like:
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select count(distinct p.user_id), to_date(p.original_timestamp)
from database.table p
where datediff(now(), p.original_timestamp) <= 90
and event = 'event_name_of_interest'
But the issue is the numbers for DAU are different. Curious if mixpanel is doing something more. The numbers in mixpanel are larger than the ones in our datalake.