Hi, I'm trying to edit an existing Mixpanel multis...
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Hi, I'm trying to edit an existing Mixpanel multischema Snowflake pipeline's event whitelist through the "Edit Pipeline" API endpoint and I'm running into problems. I've been looking at the documentation here and I've tried sending the POST request both through Postman and the "Try It!" functionality on the documentation page. I get a 200 OK with an "edited pipeline successfully" message in both cases, but the whitelist does not seem to actually be updating since I'm not seeing the new event data in Snowflake. Are there any specific examples I could reference for how this request should look, particularly the "events" parameter that needs to be "encoded as a JSON array" according the docs? And also is there any API that I could use to actually check the current event whitelist so that I can confirm my changes? The "Get Pipeline" endpoint doesn't seem to include this information in the response body.