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## Graphically Representing User Profile Data Points from a Lookup table [[Any an all help appreciated - and apologies if this is posted in the wrong channel]] Setting: • In our Mixpanel data we have assigned one of two specific _client_IDs_ as a property for every event [e.g. _client_1_ or _client_2]_ • Each event also has a property for the user who performed the action called _distinct_id_ [unique to each user profile] • We import via a lookup table tied to _distinct_id_ a numeric value _total_holdings_quantity_ for the users that have performed an certain actions / events • We also import via the same lookup table a text value _total_holdings_item - item_ and quantity cannot exist without each other, every item has a quantity and vice versa. • Due to external actions, we cannot assign a value to either _total_holdings_item_ or _total_holdings_quantity_ from within Mixpanel events, it has to be imported via lookup table Struggling with: I would like to graphically show the cumulative value of the lookup table values _total_holdings_quantity_ for each unique _total_holdings_item_ across all users. Possibly breaking it down further by _client_id_ [though that's an easy one] A brief sample of data - distinct_ID total_holdings_item total_holdings_quantity Client_ID 23277-0001869 BTC 0.08479829 23277 23277-0001869 ETH 0.02585936 23277 23277-0007281 BTC 0.00024641 23277 23177-000063908 ETH 0.02172501 23177 23277-000075262 BTC 0.24272673 23277 23277-000023444 ETH 0.11116663 23277 23177-000124044 ETH 0.0013423 23177 23177-000124044 BTC 0.00284766 23177 Thank you in advance!