Hi team ! I have several questions/remarks regardi...
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Hi team ! I have several questions/remarks regarding Mixpanel's Schematized BigQuery pipeline and its documentation: • Create Pipeline documentation states that the "events" field of the events pipeline CURL request should be:
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A whitelist for the event(s) you intend to export, encoded as a JSON array.
All events in the project will be exported if no events are
However, JSON-array encoding does not seem to work, rather seems to expect a comma-separated list somehow Is anyone familiar with that problem ? Either way, I guess documentation there should be clarified or updated, this is super misleading • My team encountered issues trying to send events into that same BigQuery pipeline with event names containing upper case characters (e.g.
) ◦ Events would be tracked in Mixpanel events but would never make it to BigQuery. ◦ When we removed the - finally working - event names filtering, we started receiving those events in BigQuery, ▪︎ in a lower-cased table name though (which was surprising because Bigquery table names are case sensitive hence you'd expect the pipeline to respect that). ◦ It seems that there's some lower-casing happening that is not documented in the Tracking API doc nor in the Create Pipeline documentation Would love to know if that rings a bell to anyone or if anyone from Mixpanel can confirm / infirm some of these findings