Surely someone has a good answer for this problem....
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Surely someone has a good answer for this problem. I am trying to prevent our ever-growing internal team from bloating our Mixpanel event feed. I have 10 people I want to exclude from our data. Currently, I can avoid tracking events that occur if the domain has specific attributes:
<script src="<>" type="text/javascript"></script>
var allowedDomains = ['<|>', 'preview', 'staging', 'wp-admin'];
if (!allowedDomains.some(function(domain) {
return document.location.href.indexOf(domain) !== -1;
})) {
mpEZTrack.init('112233445566778899123456789', {window: false, youtube: true, debug: true});
This way, I am not flooding my Mixpanel event feed with clicks on the WordPress Admin bar, or anything else that happens when in an admin view. What I would rather do is specify a list of people (distinct IDs?) not to track at all. We are paying to track our own team’s events, which does not provide any value to us. How do I solve this issue?