Hello guys :wave: I'm always struggling with the r...
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Hello guys 👋 I'm always struggling with the retention chart. There's a misalignment between what I'd expect it to display wrt what it does display. Let's say I have some event that tracks when valuable actions are performed. I'm interested in knowing the percentage of people that retain doing those actions each subsequent day after they activated (performed the action for the first time ever). Since I'm not worried about constant usage but more about fidelity, I set the "On or After" Each Day. I would expect, no matter what my retention could be, for the chart to always be decreasing over time, without bumps. And that is also what I can read from https://docs.mixpanel.com/docs/reports/retention#retention-criteria--on-or-after-time-interval But then why do I have that "increase" around day 8? And that happens across multiple workspaces I've had over the last months, that's why I think there might be something I'm missing or misinterpreting.