I have an event called content_listened, sent to M...
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I have an event called content_listened, sent to Mixpanel each time a user presses the "pause" button of the player on our app, or each time a user finishes a track. I have a user property called offertype which tells me if my user is subscribed to my app or if he is a free user. I created a cohort of subscribed users who've listened to my podcasts (see 1st screenshot). When visualizing this cohort on an insights report (see 2nd screenshot), does Mixpanel "recall" whether or not a user was subscribed some days ago ? For example, if I have 4K people on January 15th, does it mean that from Jan 8th to Jan 15th 4K subscribed users listened to my podcast, or does it mean that 4K people who are today subscribed users have listened to my podcast (independently of whether or not they had already subscribed on January 8th ? Any help would be most welcome.