Hi everyone, I am trying to break down the analysi...
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Hi everyone, I am trying to break down the analysis of our users data according to their subscription status. I ran into the changes of user properties over time. For ex., I want to know how many minutes a given audio has been listened to by free users vs by subscribers. Given that my subscription_type property is at the user level and not at the event level, a free user who listens to audio A at the beginning of the month, and then later in the month subscribes to my app, will fall into the listening time of subscribed users, even though it has been listened by someone without a subscription at the time of the event. I thought about two solutions: 1. sending the offer_type with the event. It would however add again another property to my events. 2. sending my database subscriptions table to mixpanel using a lookup table and "joining" the event tables and my subscription table. a. this would allow to separate event properties and user-related properties. But it seems quite messy to do. The only way I found to do it would be to have a gigantic lookup table, with the following identifier user_id1-day_one, user_id1-day_two, user_id1-day_three, user_id2-day_one, user_id2-day_two, user_id2-day_three, so as to be able to look it up from my event properties. I know re tracking user properties over time is not (yet) possible in Mixpanel. But, what is the best way to emulate it? Would sending the subscription type in the event properties not make it too messy?