Hello everyone! I'd like to divide landing page tr...
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Hello everyone! I'd like to divide landing page traffic of users that already have an account from that of new people. By now I thought of a custom property to check if their account has been created less than a day ago:
OR(NOT(DEFINED(created)), DATEDIF(created, time, "D") < 1)
where created is the created datetime of the user and time is the time the event has been sent. I'd like to get more precise with my comparison, checking on minutes/hours and not days, I haven't found any docs about this, any recommendation? I though I could be doing something like this
OR(NOT(DEFINED(created)), NUMBER(created) - NUMBER(TIME) < 60*1000)
but by now I'm not sure if with
dates are converted to milliseconds. Otherwise do you have any suggestions on how to achieve the same result?