Hi there. I'm new to Mixpanel and have a pretty co...
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Hi there. I'm new to Mixpanel and have a pretty complex question to ask - I’m trying to build a funnel to measure the number of converts from the tile click stage through to order completion My objectives are - 1. Create a tile click event as the first step of my funnel and look into a specific subset of categories that I care about. As an example let’s consider a user opens the app and clicks on the following tiles (in no particular order) - “books”, “stationery”, “fragrances” 2. Follows to make an add product to basket event that looks into specific tiles again. For example if a user performed add to basket from “books”, “phones”, and “crisps” I only care about the conversions from "book" to "book" (as a natural follow up from Step 1 - since the user didn't click on AND add products from any of the other tiles) 3. Now the user goes on to complete their order which contains a list of category ids for each order (which makes sense because each order contains a mixture of products from different categories). Right now I've set up a filter to say - ""category_id" Any in list "category_ids"". My question is if the user completes an order with categories ["apparel", "alcohol", "home"], does Mixpanel "forward fill" the "book" condition from Step 2 and create a clause like "for each order_complete.category_id: add_to_basket.category_id == order_complete.category_id AND order_complete.category_id Any in list "order_complete.category_ids" so that when I segment by "order_complete.category_ids" in Step 3, I only see conversions from "book -> book -> book" across all 3 stages and none else. And I want to ensure that this how the logic would flow for all the categories I'm interested in. Sorry for throwing in too much information into this message, could you please confirm if this makes sense?