Hi <@U033UK7K9HU>, I actually wrote this in 3 diff...
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Hi @lemon-oyster-59244, I actually wrote this in 3 different channels (and got quite fast response for all 3 so definitely props to you guys on the support!🙌). I’ll streamline the conversation and discuss here moving forward - but fyi it was Jess C (on #product-ideas) and Julianne B via a support ticket as well. 1. On finding the feature, OK — I personally think this is not great UX-wise since the same functionality was quite difficult to find, and can be accessed in two ways with different texts for the same thing (directly in the dropdown, and via conversion rate). But this is fine. 2. The real issue however, after trying it out, is that I’m getting conflicting numbers within the same counting method. Say I’ve got a simple funnel for Step 1 -> Step 2. I’m getting different numbers for Step 1, when changing it to Step 2 (from Event B to Event C) I’m not sure how exactly this could be happening as the number for Step 1 should be the same (assuming the counting method hasn’t changed), regardless of which event I choose for Step 2 if I’m not mistaken. I’ve attached two screenshots (both on the same counting method - totals), and hopefully this should be clear enough, do let me know if I didn’t explain this issue clearly enough. FYI I didn’t verify yet whether the ‘keeping property constant’ functionality works on top of this.