Hi folks - We are using the Grouping feature to tr...
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Hi folks - We are using the Grouping feature to track metrics by users and then the Account name (as we are B2B) and then a Parent Account (as we may sell to 1 enterprise with multiple subsidiaries who each use an instance of our product). I have a cohort set up for Users that is meant to leave out any Accounts that use our own company in its URL (as it's a demo or test instance). 1. The cohort doesn't seem to be excluding all domains & subdomains (where Customer Name CONTAINS ourcompany.com) 2. When I try to report by group (Account Name), I can't select that Cohort anymore Ideas? For (1) when I look at the Cohort under Data Managagement > Cohort, the Email property looks like a real property (only because it also starts with the first letter capitalized) but the 2nd property doesn't. (It's lowercase "company" when in a Report, an ad-hoc property I select is called "Customer Name"). What's happening & how do I rectify it?