Hi y'all! I'm running into an issue where it seems...
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Hi y'all! I'm running into an issue where it seems Mixpanel isn't tracking page views correctly. I am using Nextjs and have enabled
in the
method, but it seems many of those page view events aren't actually getting captured by Mixpanel. I'm ending up in situations where someone loaded page X and clicked a link on page X, and I'll see the link click event in Mixpanel but not the page view. One can't happen without the other, so I'm under the impression the page views just aren't consistently hitting Mixpanel for some reason. Does anyone have any insights into what's going on here? I am indeed getting some events from these users, so I feel like it's not just an ad blocking issue...
We are using React, but not nextjs so not sure if this helps but our
looks like this and seems to be working for us.
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mixpanel.init(mixpanelToken, {
    track_pageview: 'full-url',
    persistence: 'localStorage'