Hi everyone! How would you recommend to segment us...
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Hi everyone! How would you recommend to segment users by [looking around, 7d trial, paid subscriber]? I am stuck between these options to save that piece of data: 1. Setting a user profile property, and on sign-in, we set that value to one of them a. PRO: Very easy to set b. PRO: Very easy to segment on dashboards c. CON: When a user changes from a state to another one, we loose the previous state 2. We record an event for each of them: a. PRO: the history is safe! Non-destructive updates b. CON: I don't understand how we can segment events. Like if we wanted to check page views for a given converting user, some page views happening before the conversion happens would belong to the trial segment, while event happening after that conversion timestamp would count as the paid customer segment Is there any other option?