Hello. We are doing digital scavanger hunts with o...
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Hello. We are doing digital scavanger hunts with our clients. I am using Mixpanel to track how well the scavenger hunt is going (tracking number of participants, etc). I am sharing boards with clients through "Share/embedded"-link so that they can follow the scavenger hunt results. The steps currently includes: Create a board for the customer, go to the template board, create a linked copy of each chart in the template board and assign to the new customer board, share the customer board, send the correct link to the customer. I am having trouble scaling this up. We can not continue to do this manually every time we create a new event in our product. We are making everything else by code/automatic. I am also hesitant to develop our own dashboards and fetching the customer data through API, since I think Mixpanel is doing that fine. I cant find any information on how to programmatically create a new board based on a template-board and share with specific customers (as an example). Maybe I am going about it wrong. Anyone have ideas on what could be a best practice here? Ideas?