Hi all! :wave: We are looking into implementing t...
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Hi all! 👋 We are looking into implementing the STARS framework (https://www.starsframework.org/) to measure engagement and satisfaction of some of our newer products. We have created a dashboard in Mixpanel where we want to track how users progress through the "funnel" over time (see attached screenshot), however, we are having some troubles setting this up in a good way. Problem: The main issue is that each step in the funnel should be dependent on the previous step, but we can not use a funnel as we want to measure this over time and not in one session. Current solution: What we have done so far is to create different cohorts to capture the users that are qualifying for a step. The reason we have done it this way is that qualification for a step often involved that a user has triggered one out of n events (see screenshot 2), but since you cannot bundle filters in Mixpanel its impossible to do this on the reports directly... The problem with using cohorts is that we are loosing history if we ever want to track progress over time 😕 Do anyone have any insight into a better solution to achieve this? Thanks! 😄
Thanks a lot for your answer Muhammad! However, I do not think this will help me all the way with for example the retention step where I only want to include users that have done an adpotion step more than x times within a certain time period. This is possible in cohorts by saying the minimum number of times an event has to occur