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  • 14 February 2019
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As Mixpanel is capable of sending Push Notifications, Emails, SMS, Polls, update user data, etc.. It would be just great to create a procedure where you may define events and actions where to automate a workflow communication with potencial clientes, users, etc.

It would be quite useful for MKT purposes as lead scoring, conversion rate improvement, starting from from entry points as landing webpages to InApp objetives.

3 replies

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@RubenTJ Thank you for sharing this feedback! We filed a product gap on your behalf with our Engineering and Product Development team. Make sure you are following this Idea - via the button in the upper right hand corner - to get emailed updates on its progress.

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Hi @rubentj,

Following back on this, Mixpanel just launched a new journeys product that makes it extremely easy for you to build sequences of cross-platform messages from within Mixpanel. This replaces the complex cohort logic that you may have had to resort to in the past and is intended to be a replacement for our campaign product that we will deprecate later this year. Our closed beta customers have been using journeys for designing their on boarding flows, guiding users toward completing payment actions, helping drive personalized flows for power users, novice users and new users.


Some of the features in our new journey product- 

1. Build cross-platform sequences of messages to reach users. Add custom delays between messages

2. Use cohort filters to easily split users into different message pathways based on their actions / properties

3. Choose your message content by duplicating any existing message (or create a new one)

4. Use any event and associated filters to determine who enters your journey

5. Move blocks around and re-merge flows that have branched


We will soon be launching additional features such as A/B testing, analysis of journeys etc. 


Please note that it is in closed beta. 

Hi Stephanie,

A followup to your post - Using the journey’s product, is it possible to trigger event based messages to an user? A simple use case could be sending a welcome email to a user who has just registered. So something that would allow us to listen to an event (“user registration complete”) and send an email based on some pre defined template. We have a few dozen such situations where we want to push information on some channel (email in this case) to the user. The example mentioned is a simple case. We would like to do more complex cases based on various filters as well.

Thank you!