User Profiles include "Created Date" as a system property

  • 17 October 2018
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Would love to see a first class system User property for 'Created Date' or 'Signup Date'.

This would return the date a User profile was first created in Mixpanel from our application.

Having this would help us better understand new user adoption versus retained historical users.

4 replies

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Please also add this as a super/event property - the timestamp when the distinctId was generated!

This is really essential, and actually even basic. we're struggling to understand the "start dates" of our users, but mixpanel has this out-of-the-box (when the table entry was created) , why not expose it?

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@scottk @victor Thank you both for sharing this feedback! We filed a product gap on your behalf with our Engineering and Product Development team. Make sure you are following this Idea - via the button in the upper right hand corner - to get emailed updates on its progress.

@victor Since seeing the timestamp of when a Distinct ID was generated as a default engagement property is different from capturing a default people property of "Created Date", I have gone ahead and filed a different Idea on your behalf. Please take a look here .

Has there been any progress on this request? It seems like an obvious one that would have many uses. In our specific case we’re trying to track down some profiles that have seemingly been inserted without our own custom “Sign up” event.



Any update here? We’re looking to use this to control attribution window for our first-time attribution model