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We are currently struggling with integrating Mixpanel with our React Native App (The main challenges we are facing are with the following features In-App Message, FCM Integration, Group Support Etc.).

Our current implementation is based on a fork of:

Please vote up if you are facing similar problem and would like to align on a common implementation (since MP doesn't offer official SDK for RN and nothing on the Roadmap...)

cherise 1 month ago

We are excited to announce that we have shipped the React Native SDK! Please use the following resources to use the SDK, and post in Sending data to Mixpanel if you have any questions!

Developer guide:

Github link:

Sample App:

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Hi @Yaniv, thank you for sharing additional information on the specific features that you would like this Mixpanel SDK to support. I've submitted a product gap on your behalf, but the good news is that this is something that we are currently working on!

I've updated the Status of this Idea to In Development.

In the meantime, you are already using one of our recommended opensource versions:


Make sure you are following this Idea - via the button in the upper right hand corner - to get emailed updates on its progress.


Fantastic! Let us know if there's anything we can do to move this along - would definitely be happy to beta test any implementation.

Hi @cherise, any updates on this? I see the “In beta” tag. We are about to start our implementation and would love to get in on the beta if it’s actively being developed. 


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We are excited to be opening the closed beta and supporting it within this group:

Please join the group to get access to all documentation and ask additional questions! 

Hello @cherise !


I am responsible for integrating the mixpanel sdk into my company's react native application, and I would like to know if I can participate in this group.

I have already requested my access.


Hi @cherise  

Please accept me in the close beta.

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@thadeu-munhoz-cesario & @m.alsa —


You’ve been added!

@thadeu-munhoz-cesario & @m.alsa —


You’ve been added!

Hi @cherise please include me in the closed beta, thank you

Hello,  @cherise I’ve requested my access to the closed beta. Please accept me.

Hi can you please add me to the private beta testing group as well @cherise 

Hi @cherise , looking forward to jon the private beta testing group. I just requested just now. Thanks!

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You all should be in there now!

Hi @cherise, sorry to bother, but hoping to join the react-native SDK beta as well. Thank you!

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@devenhurt you’re all set! :) 

Hi @cherise, same here -- I’d like to join the react-native SDK beta :) Thank you!

Hiya @cherise, please can I join the closed beta, thanks!

Hey @cherise could you please accept my request for the beta?

Hi @cherise I've sent a request too, looking forward to use the sdk !

Hi @cherise, sorry to bother as well, but hoping to join the react-native SDK beta as well. Thank you!

@cherise I’ve also sent a request hoping to join the react native SDK beta

Please add me to

Hi @cherise, same here -- I’d like to join the react-native SDK beta :) Thank you!

Hi @cherise  could I also please join the react-native SDK beta. :) Many thanks

Hi, @cherise. My company uses Mixpanel as the main analytics tool. We are currently developing an app with React Native. Can I join the closed beta? Thanks!

Hi @cherise we are also developing an app with React Native and would really appreciate if you could expedite my request to join the closed beta. Thanks!