Provide Option of Merging Users Within Mixpanel

  • 18 June 2020
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There should be an option in Mixpanel to do Merge users inside Mixpanel instead of us doing it through Postman or figuring out a way to do 10000 of users Merge using some etc.

3 replies

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Hi @Affan!


Thank you for sharing this idea — can you share the script that you created to merge through Postman?

My understanding is that you wanted to find a way to merge users at scale, if this is not available as an option in the UI — is this right?

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Sure here is the guide to use Identify Merge via Postman


If we can have the option of Merge in Mixpanel that would be great.


That way if a user is looking to merge the users and has little to no technical expertise then this could come in handy.


Let me know your thoughts.

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Also, maybe I didn’t explain the issue that I was having.


We were using a different platform before and now we moved to a different platform.

Previous platform had an id system of ABC_123

Since email wasn’t available at every touch point so in order to track some User Properties we didn’t use Email but email is available in the previous platform. 

New platform has the id system of 1234567

New system also has the same email of every user.

So now the issue is that we have 2 users with every email.

What I want to achieve is Merge all id’s with same email into a single user.

I know I could export all the data and then map every id and email and then send id merge through AppScript etc to merge the data but it is a hectic process.

I was just wondering if Mixpanel can do Magic within the system (which it does in other cases) :)