More varied pricing plans for independent devs

  • 14 February 2019
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I was surprised that there weren't any more competitive pricing models for independent developers like myself - the free version is of course limited, but it seems like the next level up is at a prohibitive price point.

As a hobby developer by night, I use MixPanel to understand how users are using my free Android app. I don't make any money from it, and never plan to. The free version of MixPanel is great - but im already hitting walls. I'd love to pay an affordable monthly amount to progress past these and have access to say, more dashboards, but I have the options of $150p/m, or $999p/y - which in my situation, prices me out sadly.

Are there any plans to offer something for people like me - who want to pay for some more functionality, but cannot afford a corporate rate?



1 reply

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Hi @tommyford,

We shipped a brand new pricing model that addresses this specific pain point - MTU pricing! You no longer have stay within the limits of Dashboards in your old Engagement or People Plan.

Read more about the benefits of moving to a MTU plan here.