Make Event vs. Profile properties more intuitive

  • 28 March 2020
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Our users have a property Type (Teacher, Parent, Homeschoolers...). 

Back in the days we used to tie this Type to some event (for ex. signup) and also to the Profile we send to MixPanel.

The result is:

  • when building a report, the “signup submit” event have two types : the Event-property Type & the Profile-property Type ;
  • this creates a lot of confusion as we’re not using the event-property type anymore;
  • when people from my team go in “Users” to look for specific people, the filter of an event only displays event properties but not Profile properties (when a Profile filter should be added through another section);
  • I can’t remove the Type property from the data management Lexicon, as the Type property could be tied to other events;
  • basically this causes frustration for them about it because they get inconsistent data;
  • and I need to do Customer Support with them, helping to troubleshoot this.

I don’t have a clear solution on how to make it more obvious to people from the team the difference between both concepts (Profiles & Events properties) but it could be:

  • when a property is searched for and exists as both a Profile & Event property, you get a warning and further explanation about the difference between the Profile & Event properties.

Have a nice day & keep up with the good work :-)

1 reply

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@benjaminabdi thank you for providing this feedback on our user and event data shown on our UI. We filed a product gap on your behalf with our Engineering and Design team for review.


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