Let users change annotations

  • 25 October 2018
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I'm in Sweden and I know there must be many other Mixpanel users from around the world. I find that the annotations with US Holidays clutter our data as we don't have many users in the US. I Would like to delete them.

3 replies

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Custom annotations would be awesome! (E.g. for app releases, ...)

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You can set annotations, just not default ones. In a formula for ex, hoover over the graph and you will see a '+' there you can add your own. I've added for app releases, campaigns etc. Would be even better if you could set default ones, like @oskar I'm from Sweden and our app is not even launched in the US so I would really want to be able to change the default ones..

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@oskar, @martin, and @ANNEBELL -

We recently shipped annotations in Insights and we removed all default US holidays since many of our customers are not in the US.

It sounds like you would like to add your own set of default/recurring annotations. I created this Idea for recurring annotations — follow the Idea to receive emailed updates, and add your own use-case as a comment! We would love to learn more about how you would like to use annotations.

- Cherise