It would have been great if there was a master filter

  • 13 February 2019
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It would be great if there would be a master filter (as 'segmentation' is used in GA). So that I could investigate a specific segment of users. For insights, funnels, retention, etc'.

This can be achieved partially by property selection in funnels and retention, but it must be changed each time you transition from one tab to another...

Using a cohort is another alternative, but it's only available for the paid versions, and is still not as easy or quick to use...

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Hi @y-perspective -

Thank you for sharing this feedback!

I am excited to let you know that with our updated MTU pricing cohorts is no longer a gated feature.

If you decide to choose an MTU plan, you will be able to use a global filter in your dashboard to look at the same cohort across your reports all at once.

Here is a help doc that goes into more detail on the temporary filter option in dashboards: