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  • 4 April 2019
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At the moment we have 3 download options: png, pdf, xls.

Would it be possible to add ppt.

Our teams build numerous usage reporting presentations on ppt. so this would help them save time.

4 replies

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@kontriant wouldn't downloading the report into PDF just as easy to put in a PPT?

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@annecamacho I would disagree.

Mixpanel download pdf. option is very similar to png.

Currently you need to download pdf, open it, to crop info and then paste it on a ppt deck.

When you are working on a ppt usage presentation you want to download a Mixpanel insights report AS A SLIDE and simply add it to your deck.

1 click instead of 3 or 4.

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@annecamacho and @kontriant -

Thank you for sharing your feedback on this idea.

The requested function is not currently on the product roadmap, but please follow the idea to receive emailed updates if this status changes. Updating the status from "Submitted" to "Not Planned."


I'm not sure if this is useful, but I can share some insight here.

I know another company, an employee engagement survey tool that's quite popular, and they have an insight report that gets exported to ppt.

My understanding of that particular feature is that it was put together during a hackathon, and since then, it's been a real nightmare to maintain the code for.

Clients love it, but the complications of managing i made it really hard for them. So for the effort to export, then paste into a ppt. I can see how that might be the easier option really.

Just my thoughts.