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  • 1 October 2019
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"Impact: Explicitly state the "First Use" date.

First things first, I think the new Impact report will be really valuable. I cant wait for us to release new features.

However, I have a minor request.

The help pages for Impact state that "For users in the non-adopter group, day zero is the day the first adopter performed the launch event (which is most likely the launch day of the feature)."

  1. I don't think everyone looking at the report will know the launch date of every feature.
  2. Even if you know the launch date, there might have been beta testers or such effecting the actual first date the event was seen causing it not to be the launch date.

I get that it might be confusing to put an actual date in the "Impact Chart" where dates are supposed to be relative and I know that I can figure out this date using Insights or such.

But perhaps stating this date somewhere in the "How did the launch of [Launch Event] impact [Metric Event]?" section makes sense?

Maybe even a "How did the launch of [Launch Event] on 2019-09-26 impact [Metric Event]?"

- @christoffer Original Idea post here.

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