hide/group events in Flows

  • 5 October 2018
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Flows seem to be a great tool, but they are utterly dependent on events being very singular things.

Often enough though, some events get fired more often in short succession, and then your flow is "Event A, Event B, Event B, Event B, Event B, Event B" - and the interesting chaing of Event C, D, E drops off on the right side of the screen.

The User panel does this nicely: Here multiples of a single event get grouped together. Having the same for Flows would make those much more useful.

2 replies

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I see exactly this in the latest beta as one can hide events there now - hooray! :)

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Hi @christian, you can now hide events in the flows report- so that part of your idea is shipped!

However, the group events part of this idea is something that we are still considering to put on the roadmap, so I'm going to move the status of this idea to "in consideration".