Global Exclude Cohort

  • 19 May 2020
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At the project level or in data management, it’d be very nice to select one or many corhorts as ‘exclude from all reports’.


In our production project, we’d use this to exclude internal team, app-reviewer (fb, ga, apple staff) from activity in all of our reports.


The occasions in which we’d want their data included in mixpanel would be so rare that it is much more appropriate to have this set at a global/project level, with the ability to temporarily ‘uncheck’, versus using cohorts and the ‘NOT IN’ selector to achieve the same end manually. This is tedious and we sometimes forget to apply it.


Thanks for reading!

1 reply


Hi Adam,

Thanks for reaching out on the community channel. I have reached out to you directly over email to get additional context.


Tejinder Singh