Funnels: Unique users conversions - ALL TIMEs (not "first time")

  • 14 October 2018
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One key question is still not addressed b funnels.

What share of unique users who started the funnel, converted EVER.

say we have a 2 step funnel.

A user can start the same funnel multiple times during 1 month.

  • "Unique Users" funnel - will answer what share of users converted on the first time they did step1.
  • "Total Conversions" funnel - will answer what share of times a user does step1, they convert to step2.
  • What we need -- "Total Conversions Unique Users" - what share of users who did step 1 (no matter how many times they did it in this month), ever converted to step 2 (in the specified time frame)

2 replies

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Hi @victor- thanks for the sharing your idea!

I wanted to make sure I am completely understanding your funnels suggestion. Is this similar to the "session based funnels" idea that is posted and currently being worked on by our engineers? If not, could you highlight some of the differences with additional detail?

Thanks for helping Mixpanel improve!

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hey michael,

I don't think session-based will help in this case.

We need to be able to answer this type of question:

Users can land on Page X many times during one month, and they convert many times. How many of the unique users who landed on page X in October, have converted (within 1 day) at least once?

- I can't do this with "unique users" funnel - because it'll only count conversion if the users converted within 1 hour of first time he visited the page in October.

- I can't do this with "total conversions" - because if some user converts many times he will skew the result.

if I translate it to a query, I need something like t

count (distinct converted) / count (distinct visited)

(with "converted" being extracted from a table of all who visited, with a time frame limitation)