Events Tagged As when choosing events in Funnels, Cohorts,...


We started using Lexicon feature in Mixpanel, since more and more coworkers are starting to use Mixpanel. Now I have started Tagging events. But one of the coworkers noticed that you can only see "Events Tagged As" when choosing event in Insights part of Mixpanel. So when they are building funnels they need to look to Lexicon and find event that is suitable for this certain funnel.
you can only see
I'm also attaching some pictures that are showing that you can only see "events tagged as" in Insights and not in other parts of Mixpanel when choosing events.




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@Lenart -

We submitted this as a product gap to our Engineering and Product Development team on your behalf.

Thank you for sharing!


Plus one. Ii was just about to make this suggestion.

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@christoffermeier Thank you for sharing this feedback! We filed a product gap on your behalf as well with our Engineering and Product Development team. Make sure you are following this Idea - via the button in the upper right hand corner - to get emailed updates on its progress.