Enhanced AB Testing

  • 27 August 2020
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Hi all,

It’s the first time I’m posting here so I hope that’s the right place :)


I’d like to submit my two cents on the current ab testing evaluation feature, which I think it has a huge potential!

What I think are necessary features:

1. An integrate planning tool that let us plan the experiment and obtain a target sample size, maybe with some dynamic adaptive strategy, to avoid peeking. (It’s fundamental to help inexpert users in running ab test consistently)

2. The possibility to select a primary KPI and get an alert when the experiment is finished

3. The possibility of saving an history of executed experiments with labels (Running, Failed, Succeeded, Ready to Start)

4. A space to describe the experiments (Title and description might be fine)


What I think that would be nice to have:

1. Bayesian testing for non binomial variables

2. Overall statistics on experiments done in the past

I was starting to program a custom report to assolve some of those tasks.
Let me know if I can help somehow.

CPO @ Loopsie

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