Duplicate PN Message should carry across individual target - DANGER

  • 21 February 2020
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When sending a push notification to an individual user profile via the (...) → Send User Push, the target recipient is only one device - which is expected.


However, when going into Messages → Inactive → duplicating the above message, the target criteria does not carry across, and instead defaults to ALL USERS

This is highly prone to mistakes  and it also does not follow the typical behaviour when copying PN messages which had a target criteria specified before hand. 


A suggestion would be: have the Device push token be part of the delivery Target Criteria. This would improve greatly improve UX.


2 replies

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Hi @blazzz


Thank you for this feedback on our push notification Messages. I have gone ahead and submitted a bug report to our Engineering team to review. 


Please make sure to subscribe to this idea to get update on its progress!


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Hi @blazzz,


Coming with some good news, our engineering team has been able to fix the issue.  I am moving the idea status to completed.


Please let us know if you run into any blockers with it!